Video Production That Drives Results.

FTL Media is an award-winning video production, media and marketing company that drives millions of clicks and views.

The new face of media production

FTL Media is a Moreton Bay Region video and digital media production company with a global reach.

With over 25 years under our belts, we can’t wait to show you how impactful, fun, and rewarding partnering with FTL Media on your next video project can be.

We are partnered with agencies and organisations including travel, retail, government, healthcare, manufacturing, building & construction and non-profits. 

Over 1,000+ videos for companies you know. You’re in good hands! 

Trusted by 100+ brands with over 6 Million Views

You’re a brand, startup, or marketing agency who needs a go-to video production company to produce top-notch video and digital content that “gets it”.

Exceeding your businesses, brands, company’s or client’s expectations and provides undeniable value. That’s us.

  • 1,000+ videos produced across the Moreton Bay Region & Australia
  • 5 million+ views across social media
  • 1 million+ impressions across TV campaigns
  • 100+ hours of live broadcasting

Resources you can leverage

We’ve done all the heavy lifting for you. A free in-house content studio that’s yours to use! Access to top of the line equipment to scale with you and a vetted talent roster of faces and voices to make your project shine.

Professional Gear

With top-notch video production tech, it helps make the project faster, smoother and better looking. Every time.

In-House Studio Space​

Want to start a project but don’t have a nice space to shoot in? Don’t worry – we offer ours for free with your project.

Podcast & Radio Studio​

We can bring your dreams of podcasting to life with our fully equipped podcast studio. Bring you and your content and let us do the rest.

Live-Stream Ready​

Stream your event with our webcasting service. Engage your audience and connect to a specific audience or to the world.

All-Star Talent​

Giving your brand, your message, your product a face is important. We know that. So we’ve got an all-star team of faces, voices and skill-sets ready.

In-House Post Production​

Immerse yourself or your team in the post-production process with our in-house editing bay and post production facilities.

Partner with us

We are home to a variety of fast-growing digital brands spanning travel, lifestyle, news and entertainment. We pride ourselves in creating the best content for our partners, accessed by our targeted and engaged audiences.

We create innovative solutions for clients that they won’t get anywhere else.

Our goal is simple: create effective affiliate content that entices the reader and calls them to action, while satisfying the needs of both publisher and brand.

Let's talk about your next project!

Our production team can answer your questions and create custom plans that fit your needs.